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 spam in game

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Posts : 37
Join date : 2010-03-16

PostSubject: spam in game   Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:32 pm

#!!----IN GAME SPAMs----

#hijack text
;text at 0x012019e4
0x007F5828 0x0E32E665
0x004B9994 0x27BDFFF0
0x004B9998 0xAFBF0000
0x004B999C 0x3C1908C1
0x004B99A0 0x27395F68
0x004B99A4 0x3C0509A0
0x004B99A8 0x0320F809
0x004B99AC 0x24A519E4
0x004B99B0 0x8FBF0000
0x004B99B4 0x03E00008
0x004B99B8 0x27BD0010
0x007F5794 0x0E32E672
0x004B99C8 0x27BDFFF0
0x004B99CC 0xAFBF0000
0x004B99D0 0x3C1908C1
0x004B99D4 0x27395FAC
0x004B99D8 0x3C0409A0
0x004B99DC 0x0320F809
0x004B99E0 0x248419E4
0x004B99E4 0x8FBF0000
0x004B99E8 0x03E00008
0x004B99EC 0x27BD0010
;Spam Text In Game
0x004DE000 0x08FF575C

#Rape Me Again I Fucking Dare U
0x012019E4 0x657061AE
0x012019E8 0x20654D20
0x012019EC 0x69616741
0x012019F0 0x2049206E
0x012019F4 0x6BA97546
0x012019F8 0x20676E69
0x012019FC 0x65726144
0x01201A00 0x00215520

#Get Off Me Fag Or I'll Knife U
0x012019E4 0x20746547
0x012019E8 0x2066664F
0x012019EC 0x4620654D
0x012019F0 0x4F206761
0x012019F4 0x274920AE
0x012019F8 0x4B206C6C
0x012019FC 0x6566696E
0x01201A00 0x00215520

#God Told Me To Do That
0x012019E4 0x20646F47
0x012019E8 0x646C6F54
0x012019EC 0x20654D20
0x012019F0 0x44206F54
0x012019F4 0x6854206F
0x012019F8 0x00007461

0x012019E4 0x49564552
0x012019E8 0x4D204556
0x012019EC 0x4F4E2045
0x012019F0 0x2153424F
0x012019F4 0x00000021

#Vote that kid he's hacking
0x012019E4 0x65746F56
0x012019E8 0x61687420
0x012019EC 0x696B2074
0x012019F0 0x65682064
0x012019F4 0x68207327
0x012019F8 0x696B6361
0x012019FC 0x0000676E
0x01201A00 0x00000000

0x012019E4 0x504F5453
0x012019E8 0x43414820
0x012019EC 0x474E494B
0x012019F0 0x46205520
0x012019F4 0x494B4355
0x012019F8 0x4E20474E
0x012019FC 0x21424F4F
0x01201A00 0x00000021

#Stop Laying Down pussy
0x012019E4 0x706F7453
0x012019E8 0x79614C20
0x012019EC 0x20676E69
0x012019F0 0x6E776F44
0x012019F4 0x73757020
0x012019F8 0x21217973
0x012019FC 0x00000000
0x01201A00 0x00000000

#Stop Glitching Or I HACK
0x012019E4 0x706F7453
0x012019E8 0x696C4720
0x012019EC 0x69686374
0x012019F0 0x2121676E
0x012019F4 0x724F2121
0x012019F8 0x48204920
0x012019FC 0x214B4341
0x01201A00 0x00002121

#Go Suck A Fat One Bitch
0x012019E4 0x53206F47
0x012019E8 0x206BA975
0x012019EC 0x61462041
0x012019F0 0x6E4F2074
0x012019F4 0x69422065
0x012019F8 0x2068A974
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spam in game
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